Instructor Led Live Online Training

Michigan Technology Services offers a full schedule of instructor led live online classes.

Professional development courses like Project Management or Business Analysis.

IT courses from Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare and more….

Students in these remote courses will be able to hear the instructor’s lecture and see the instructor’s slide presentation, demonstrations and whiteboard work, as well as perform labs by remotely controlling their own in-classroom student computer.

The instructor will also be able to take control of the in-classroom computer to assist with any lab work.

While our training facility is in Farmington Hills, 20 miles from downtown Detroit, you can take these classes from the comfort of your own home as long as you have high speed internet.

You will have all the resources that you would have just as if you were attending the class in person. The instructor led live online class has a much shorter commute to work J the days of training.

For detailed information on Michigan Technology Services instructor led live online training, contact MTS at 248-489-0408.