Why learn with Michigan Technology Services?

Michigan Technology Services is committed to providing outstanding professional development and computer training to individuals and groups.

We are a licensed computer school. The State of Michigan proprietary school unit has given us their stamp of approval.

While our instructor led training center is located in the metropolitan Detroit, Michigan area (Farmington Hills) we also deliver onsite computer classes across the United States. In addition, we offer a full schedule of instructor led live online classes. Students in these remote courses will be able to hear the instructor’s lecture and see the instructor’s slide presentation, demonstrations and whiteboard work, as well as perform labs by remotely controlling their own in-classroom student computer. The instructor will also be able to take control of the in-classroom computer to assist with any lab work.

We define our commitment to quality professional development and computer training with a pledge to our students, to our local community of businesses, and to our instructors.

We make a commitment to you – the student – to provide you with excellent professional development and computer training. Taking classes at Michigan Technology Services will help you advance your career, and will also allow you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

We make a commitment to businesses that we will provide them with well trained project managers, business analysts and IT professionals. When your employees leave our classroom they will return to your company with skill-sets geared toward increased productivity. Certification is important, but learning how to do a job properly should be the primary goal.

We make a commitment to our instructors that we will provide them with the tools they need to train effectively. They will have the resources necessary to provide you with the knowledge you desire. Read more about our instructors, their experience, and how we select them.

Professional Instructors

When you take computer classes it’s important that you feel comfortable with the instructor presenting the information. That’s why we at Michigan Technology Services take extra care in choosing the proper teachers for our technical and business classes. We won’t just place anybody in the classroom who claims to be an IT or business expert. We screen them and select well rounded computer pros to ensure that you, the student, have a great experience.

We look for several factors when hiring instructors:

Certification and IT Experience

All of our instructors have either IT or business certification. Most have certifications from multiple vendors.  Some have so many certifications that when they introduce themselves the first day of class and list their cert’s it fills the whole board. It’s the alphabet soup of certification! Take for example one of our Cisco trainers. He’s an MCSE, MCT, a CCNA, CCNP, A+ Certified, ITIL, UNIX certified computer professional. And that’s not everything!We believe, however, that certification is just one factor. We look at what the individual does for a living. We have some experienced full time instructors for our corporate day classes who are consultants to corporations all over the Detroit, Michigan area. We have instructors for our night programs who, during the day, implement the software they teach and work full time for great companies. The same Cisco instructor we referenced earlier runs a global network during the day.  Imagine him working with you in class, bringing his real life experiences into the mix.


Our instructors regularly engage in professional development activities and keep current with developments in the IT world. They push us to make Michigan Technology Services a better place for you to learn.  We are continuously improving our training programs as a result of their hard work. Some of our instructors have been recognized by software vendors for their work in ways beyond certification.

Communication Skills

We believe that learning a new technology can be challenging enough without having to decipher the words coming out of the teacher’s mouth. We make sure that the instructor speaks English well. They are all articulate, well spoken people. In fact we are proud to say many of our instructor were born right here in the metro Detroit area.  Just as importantly they can convey technical info in a non techie manner. You’ve probably met the IT guy that knows a ton of technical information but can’t talk in front of a group. He’s probably a great guy – but he won’t be teaching your class.  We find techies who know how to communicate.


They will take the time to make sure you understand the material. They are not here only because we pay them to be here. They are here also because they truly enjoy helping people and seeing them succeed. They are creative and energetic people.


In summary, we pick good people so you have a great experience. Our instructors will tell it like it is – the good qualities of anew software, and the areas the vendors can improve upon.  They’ll highlight the points in the books that are important for the exams so you’ll be able to get certified.  They’ll also highlight the points in the books that are important for the exams but unimportant in the real world (yes, there are a lot of details in some books that just don’t matter as much).   And more importantly they’ll highlight the points in the books that are critical for doing your job better.