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Computer Training Boot Camps with Michigan Technology Services

At Michigan Technology Services we are committed to satisfying the needs of all potential students.

While we spread some of our regular Microsoft and Cisco certification courses over an extended period of time, we have realized that experienced computer professionals sometimes prefer the accelerated approach. And they don't want to travel out of the Detroit, Michigan area. So we now offer Microsoft MCSE and MCSA boot camps, along with Cisco CCNA boot camps, right here in Farmington Hills, Michigan, 20 miles outside of Detroit, where you will sit in a room with one of our instructors. Corporations can also have the training conducted onsite at your office anywhere throughout the United States, or if you prefer, instructor led live online.

We also offer a variety of professional one week computer classes. Programming classes include Microsoft VB.NET, ASP.NET and C#, as well as Java courses. Database classes include Microsoft SQL and Oracle SQL, as well as DBA training.

Microsoft and Cisco Boot camps cover a lot of technical information at a very rapid pace. Only experienced computer professionals should consider boot camps. They must have a solid understanding of TCP/IP.

If you are new to computers realize that there are no shortcuts to learning technical processes and procedures. We don't want to discourage you, as we do have programs for career changers, but Michigan Technology Services is not in the business of teaching people only how to pass certification exams. Of course you want to pass your certification exams, but we want to provide employers with qualified IT pros, not people who simply memorize practice questions.

A note to career changers: if somebody tells you they will get you certified in ten days and you will have four or five of the hottest IT certifications - beware! You might pass the exams, but will be kicking yourself once you accept a job somewhere and can't perform to the standards expected of a certified computer professional.

For detailed information on Michigan Technology Services Boot Camps, contact MTS at 248-489-0408.

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