Michigan Technology Services FAQ

Why get computer training?

Most people get computer training because they need to obtain a specific skill. And after trying to teach themselves they realize that having somebody instruct them is a much better option, as computer skills aren’t always as intuitive as you’d like to believe. But there are additional reasons why you should take computer training classes. If you are thinking about a new career, computer skills are a necessity. And if you are already an IT professional, sitting through advanced computer courses and obtaining the latest technical skills generally makes you more valuable to the company you work for – increasing job security, and at times, salary.

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Why provide computer training for your employees?

How about productivity? Properly trained employees do their jobs much more effectively. Providing basic skills to the office staff will probably result in fewer calls to the help desk, freeing up your technical team, allowing them to concentrate on more pressing issues. Furthermore, training your IT professionals will allow the organization to enjoy the full the benefits that a computer network provides.

How about employee loyalty? Surveys often show that employees value skill development as much as they value an increase in salary.

If you want to learn about all the different computer courses and how they can benefit your organization, Michigan Technology Services will provide free IT training consultation to you or your staff. Call and we will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.

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Why should I take instructor-led computer training when I can take computer classes online or self-study for IT certification exams?

If we had a dollar for every time somebody told us, “but I can buy a book for $50 and teach myself,” or “I can take these courses over the Internet,” well, we wouldn’t have to be here. We’d run the company from a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean, instead of from Farmington Hills, Michigan, using a satellite to connect a few servers.

As we indicated earlier, learning computer skills isn’t intuitive. Some people may be able to teach themselves a few steps along the way, but it won’t be the same as sitting in a hands-on computer class. There is a big advantage to having a real person in the room with you, someone very experienced in the subject, somebody who can work with you as you complete lab exercises, explain things properly, and guide you down the correct path. With self-study you can’t ask a question to a book or CBT and get an answer. With on-line training the interaction between student and instructor is challenging, to say the least.

Another reason to take an instructor led class is the fact that the room is filled with other students, and while you can sit in the room and say nothing, we encourage you to interact with the other students, as more often than not you learn from each others questions. Hey, you might even make a friend or two.

It’s ultimately up to you to decide on the computer training method you utilize, but from experience, for computer training and development to have meaning you are going to have to make the proper investment at some point. Don’t be the person who settles for the cheapest method, and later regrets it.

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Should I get a computer science degree or get computer certification? Why should I get computer certification? Are there benefits to being IT certified?

Everybody has different goals in life. While we value a college degree, it may not be the best course of action for your particular needs. Of course we’d love to have you take computer training classes with us, but ultimately it comes down to your own desire. We can advise you, but won’t tell you what to do, or pressure you one way or another. Nobody should tell you how to lead your own life.

What we advise people to do is look at the requirements for the job they want at the company they want to work for. Some IT directors at large companies value team members who have specific computer skills, but don’t care if you have a BA in English, or a computer science degree. Certifications may be required before they even consider your resume. Other managers at the same company may want a degree and certifications. Maybe the company has no degree requirement, but has tuition reimbursement for college classes. So you could possibly work in the computer department and finish your college degree while working there. Small companies – well, the same thing, it depends on who the manager is.

Generally, you need to have the computer skill sets before you are considered for the job. Very few companies today will take you on because you are a nice guy and pay for your technical computer training after the fact. While colleges offer computer science classes, they tend to be very theoretical. We, on the other hand, offer practical classes. We teach you skill sets that employers desire. While certification is a byproduct of what we offer, what we really offer to the market is you, a qualified IT professional, somebody capable of doing a job.

Yes there are benefits to certification. Industry recognition, increased job opportunity, access to secure sections on the vendors website for private information, use of a vendors certification logo, and discounts on software are just a few of the benefits. To truly benefit from certification training, however, you should actively learn the material as if you were learning it to do a job and build a career.

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I want to make the most money possible. What are the hottest computer skills I can study for today?

The first thing you should ask yourself is if you like computers. If you really are interested in them, there are some very well paying sectors of the computer industry, but it takes time to get to the appropriate level. A CCIE or senior IT Security analyst will make big money – but they started off low man on the totem pole – and generally are very well rounded, multi-vendor certified, skilled IT professionals. They don’t view themselves as simply certified IT workers. They built their career over time, have earned the respect of their peers, and are known as the “go to” people in their organization when a computer issue arises.

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How long are you computer classes?

Again, the answer is, it depends. Computer training programs vary in length – from five day computer training classes, to six week computer training programs, to well over a year of study. Call one of Michigan Technology Services computer training consultants and they will be able to provide accurate answers.

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Who will be teaching my computer class?

Michigan Technology Services computer instructors are among the best computer consultants in the Detroit area. Our instructors will be experienced, well spoken, patient, friendly individuals. Many of our computer training instructors are multi-vendor certified.

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How many students will be in my computer training classes?

Not many. Nowhere near the number of students you usually see in a college lecture hall. You’ll get a lot of personal attention when you take classes at Michigan Technology Services. We’ve taught classes for two people before, and also for fifteen, but generally the class size is somewhere around eight to ten students.

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Do I get to use my own computer in your computer training program?

We have plenty of PCs to go around for everybody. You will do a considerable amount of lab work in our computer classrooms on your own. We do, however, encourage teamwork. Why? Keep in mind that most computer professionals work in teams to solve organizational issues, and we want to develop not only your IT skills, but your ability to work well with others. Furthermore, while people often think that they have to know everything about the server or router they are learning about in order to get certified, the truth is nobody in IT knows it all. Not even the so called experts. Why struggle by yourself for an hour, when a team member can point you in the right direction, or you can solve the problem together?

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How much does your computer training cost?

First, think of computer training as an investment. It’s an investment in yourself and in your career. Cost is different. A can of soda might cost you $ 1.20 at the local convenience store, and be gone in a few gulps. It might taste good, but will leave you with little lasting value. Computer training, however, opens career avenues, and will last you a lifetime. The knowledge stays with you wherever you go. So how much of an investment? It depends on the particular computer training classes you take. We don’t publish a public schedule or price list. But if you visit Michigan Technology Services we’d be happy to discuss the different options available to you. Don’t worry – the rates are very competitive. If you visit and find another training organization that will train you for five or ten dollars less, well, we may match it if it’s the same quality of training – but we aren’t interested in a price war. Nobody wins in a price war. That’s when you have to start cutting corners – and leaving things out.

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What type of jobs would I qualify for if I take computer certification training?

Some possible job titles might be: Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Systems Analyst, A+ PC Technician, DBA, Database Administrator, Programmer, Developer..plus a whole lot more.

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When does your next computer class start?

When do you want to start computer training? We start computer classes on a rolling basis. It’s not like college when you can only start in September, January and/or May. Call us and we will fill you in on all the details.

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I don’t see the computer class that I am looking for. Can you still help me?

The short answer is YES. While we offer many of the more popular computer courses there are some we don’t teach. For instance, while we haven’t taught an SAP class, we can and will help you find one. If you need specialized computer training for a group of coworkers or friends, we can provide a customized course for you.

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