Michigan Technology Services Computer Career Education

Michigan Technology Services offers advice to people exploring a computer career – and also to IT pros looking to advance their skills.

There are a few truths that need to be addressed: First, learning computers is a lifelong process, as technology is ever changing. Once you embark on a career in information technology (IT), you will constantly be learning new operating systems and procedures. You will either learn, or quickly become obsolete to your employer. Don’t worry, once you learn your first OS the others are generally easier, but you will still be studying quite a bit if you want to excel in the computer industry.

Second, you really should be interested in computers if you want to become a computer professional. Too many people, in any occupation, expect that it will be easy money. Go figure, computer professionals work for a living! While it’s rewarding, at times you are on call 24 x 7. When the network goes down, you are the one they call.

Third, you will invest in your career by taking computer training classes that teach you how to do a job the proper way. You will not do yourself or your employer any good if you pay for a cheap class that only teaches you how to pass an exam. You don’t purchase certification! You invest in learning a skill!

Geez, it sounds like we are trying to discourage you. Quite the opposite! We applaud your interest in a computer career and welcome you at Michigan Technology Services. We just believe in being up front and honest with our students.

The good news is that computers are used in almost every small to large company. They aren’t going anywhere. The fact is, even with a slower economy in Michigan the past couple of years, certain computer professions have still been expanding. Businesses leaders recognize the need to bring on skilled computer professionals.

Michigan Technology Services has programs for career changers – and programs for experienced computer professionals. Whether you want Microsoft, Cisco, Java, or CompTIA certification – or computer training from any other software vendor – we can help. Our instructors are patient with newbies, and ready to share years of wisdom with computer gurus.

We invite you to contact us or call 248-489-0408 to arrange a visit with one of our computer training consultants. We will find a program that fits your needs.