Corporate Executive Computer Training and Private Computer Training

While we offer several group Microsoft Windows and MS Office classes, like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc., we also provide private tutoring for executives too busy to attend a full day of computer training.

We’ve found that many people benefit greatly by having 1 on 1 private training. It is directed to their individual needs.   Alternatively, when someone joins an 8 hour group class, many of the students in the course ask about material that the individual already knows, or lacks an interest in learning.

3 to 4 hours of individual training often has a better return on investment than 8 hours with a group. Especially for business owners/executives…

Not a corporate executive? We can still help you…..

Everybody learns differently and some people have a hard time picking up on computer skills in a group setting and want that one on one experience.

Maybe you just want to learn a few key features of the software and only need half a day of training.

We have trained MS Office classes on site for one secretary.

We can train the sales manager how to use ACT! – a contact management program.

Whatever the need, Michigan Technology Services can provide quality private computer instruction for you.

For detailed information on Michigan Technology Services private and/or corporate computer training, contact MTS at 248-489-0408.