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Video Game Design & Development Training with Michigan Technology Services

At Michigan Technology Services, we pride ourselves on our abilities to go where no training company has gone before. Our Video Game Console Design & Development training series, beginning with the SONY PlayStation4 Development tracks, is just one of many of our offerings that set us apart from the rest of the crowd.   Whether you’re new to video game design, an experienced game developer, or a game project manager, Michigan Technology Services, an IT school located in Farmington Hills, MI, has the courses for you.

Interested in video game design and development on other platforms? Our Advanced Game Development course covers cross-platform deployment for today’s hottest platforms. We’re also developing other game design and development curricula for Microsoft XBox, Windows, and Macintosh.

A brief overview of the video game design courses follow. There’s more than we can possibly fit onto this web page, so contact one of Michigan Technology Services’ training consultants for specific details.

Introduction to Programming Concepts on the SONY PlayStation4®
You can play the games, but can you write one? The first step in learning the deep magic of video game design and development is learning how to program. This track is designed to take a motivated computer user and game player through elementary programming concepts, as well as through the art and science of developing video games - targeting the SONY PS4.

Video game programming topics include:

  • Introduction to Unix and Unix Development with C
  • Introduction to C++ (2 weeks)
  • Introduction to PS4 Development (1 week)
  • Basic Modeling and Rendering Techniques (3 days)
  • Positional Audio and Sound Effects (2 days)
  • Intermediate Video Game Design and Development (1 week)
  • Advanced Video Game Design and Development (1 week)

Project Management Techniques for Game Development
Someone has to manage all the kids designing your game. Game Developers are an odd breed, even compared to the “laid back” IT development culture most companies have. Effectively managing a high-energy, highly creative group of Game Developers requires a certain type of IT project management skill set. Our Game Development Project Management course has everything you need as a Project Manager to effectively keep costs and timelines under control, as well as manage a team of creative game developers.

For detailed info on all Video Game Design and Development Training, contact Michigan Technology Services. 248-489-0408

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