Effective Retrospectives in the Enterprise

Virtual Agile Meetup with Diana Larsen and Michigan Technology Services

Michigan Technology Services offers instructor-led Agile and Scrum training and coaching. We collaborate with stellar people – like Diana Larsen, a globally recognized Agile trainer, coach and author.

In a pre-Covid world our training would take place at our location in the Farmington Hills/Novi area, 20 miles outside of Detroit, or at your location anywhere around the world. Our Agile workshops and Agile coaching sessions are now offered online/virtually, reducing your need to travel.

We continue to support the local Agile community and sponsor regional Agile conferences and meetups. We have successfully run Agile and Certified ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Agile Leadership courses for multiple teams from globally recognized organizations. We also provide Agile coaching for great companies, helping them with their Agile journey.

We are planning a series of free virtual meetups for our Agile friends.

Meetup with Diana Larsen – May 12, 2021

“Effective Retrospectives in the Enterprise”

Standing in a ballroom at a networking event, I looked around for somewhere to stash my purse and coat. Someone “helped” by handing me a glass of wine. So, I was a bit distracted when a familiar looking young man strolled up to me. He smiled and whispered, “I think I’ve learned the secret of retrospectives.” Startled, I turned and gave him my full attention. I didn’t know we had kept any secrets. He introduced himself, then explained that we’d met in a pre-conference workshop. It had been a couple of years before. “Ah,” I thought, “that’s why he looks familiar.” He explained that his experience in the workshop had inspired him. After returning to work he had begun to lead regular retrospectives with his team. “So, what is the secret?” I asked, while striving for a knowing expression. He responded, “When a team’s retrospectives get results, everything else gets better too!” As we continued to talk, I learned more about what he meant. Since then, I’ve heard and experienced variations on his story. Join me in this Meetup session, and I’ll share his secrets with you.

An hour with Diana is not something you want to miss.

In 2015 Diana Larsen co-founded Agile Fluency® Project* where she serves as Chief Connector and a principal coach, consultant, and mentor. AFP provides training, mentoring, and support for agile coaches, consultants, and leaders, Through the Agile Fluency Project’s programs, Diana shares the wisdom she’s gained in over 30 years of working with leaders, teams, and organizations.

Through her books, talks, and work with corporate clients, Diana has contributed to both foundations and extensions of Agile thought. Diana co-authored the books Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great; Liftoff: Start and Sustain Successful Agile Teams; and Five Rules for Accelerated Learning. Most recently she co-authored and offers a free eBook, The Agile Fluency Model: A Brief Guide to Success with Agile, available on the agilefluency.org website. *Agile Fluency is a registered trademark of Agile Fluency Project. LLC

We will end with Diana answering some of your questions. We expect some great conversations.

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Wednesday, May 12 starting at 6:00PM EST.

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Space is indeed limited in this Agile meetup.

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We have a Retrospective Workshop with Diana July 27-29.

We have virtual ScrumMaster and Product Owner training sessions in April, May and June. Let’s hope we are back to in-person workshops later this year.

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