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Learn how to visualize your ideas and make agile team collaboration more effective.

Michigan Technology Services offers instructor-led Agile and Scrum training through partnerships with Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainers. Our training takes place at our location in the Farmington Hills/Novi area, 20 miles outside of Detroit, or at your location anywhere around the world. Our Agile workshops and Agile coaching sessions can also be offered virtually, reducing your need to travel.

Whether you wish to enhance visual thinking skills, make collaborative design thinking a key enabler within your team, gain the confidence you need to draw live in front of an audience, or engage key stakeholders with a captivating business storyboard, our Visual Thinking & Creative Storyboarding workshop is for you.

Move beyond simple bullet points and the canned PowerPoint presentation.

Learn basic drawing techniques to build a visual vocabulary that can be used to generate ideas and solve problems with your teams.

By applying Design Thinking methods and visualization techniques our Visual Thinking & Creative Storyboarding workshop will help you speed up and improve your ability to present an idea, build low-fidelity prototypes and captivating storyboards.

Attendees will graduate fully equipped with visualization concepts, tools and techniques as well as a clear and engaging storyboard bursting with business value.

About your workshop facilitator:
Stuart YoungStuart Young – Live Illustrator, Business Visualizer and Radtac Trainer

Stuart is a professional live illustrator with deep-rooted appreciation for Agile Principles and Methodologies. He has harnessed his creative skills to translate concepts and processes into engaging visuals during workshops, events and conferences. With international notoriety within the Agile Community, Stuart has provided his services at various Scrum Alliance Global Gatherings & Retreats. In addition he has illustrated at an endless list of popular Agile conferences such as the Agile Testing Days in Berlin, the Lean Agile Scotland Conference and the London Lean Kanban event. By combining both creative and analytical skills Stuart contributes to team visioning/ planning workshops and retrospectives by offering captivating visuals that crystallize ideas and learning. When he’s not coaching, delivering training and live illustrating, Stuart is running a number of ‘Innovation through Visualization’ workshops to support individuals to gain the confidence to draw and collaborate effectively. The newly gained skills assist teams to solve problems and map ideas with the use of graphic metaphors and additional visualization techniques.

Watch the following video and hear what agile coaches and Scrum team members have to say about Stuart’s workshops:

Join us in Farmington Hills, Michigan – in metro Detroit – and learn about visual communication and storyboarding with top agile thought leaders.

Day 1 – Visualization

  • The theory behind visualization, learning styles and visual concepts
  • Practicing basic seed shapes before progressing to idea-focused drawings
  • Active listening techniques
  • Collaborative sketching
  • Handwriting techniques
  • Employing layout, flow and structure patterns
  • Use of graphic templates
  • Problem solving collaborative exercises/ simulations

Day 2 – Storyboarding

  • Introduction to the benefits of Storyboarding
  • The key ingredients of a Storyboard
  • Creating a narrative flow of the big picture
  • Establishing key milestones and panel elaboration
  • Camera angles, framing shots, creation and refinement
  • Digital techniques and whiteboard animation
  • Presentation, feedback and digital approaches
  • Close


Our Design, Innovation & Visual Communication workshop will take place in Farmington Hills in 2024.

** Note **  Our last workshop SOLD OUT!   Participants raved about it. Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson joined Stuart to add to the conversation.

Want a one or two day workshop for your organization?  We can help.

Private classes for groups are available upon request. Call 248-489-0408 for details.


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