Agile Hardware Developer and Manufacturing Training

Agile Hardware Developer Training with Michigan Technology Services

Michigan Technology Services offers instructor-led Agile Hardware Developer and Manufacturing training, as well as other Agile and Scrum courses, though a partnership with Joe Justice. Joe created the WIKISPEED eXtreme Manufacturer program and is also a Certified Scrum Trainer. He is arguably the world’s foremost Agile manufacturing authority.

In a pre-Covid world our training would take place at our location in the Farmington Hills/Novi area, 20 miles outside of Detroit, or at your location anywhere around the world. Our Agile workshops and Agile coaching sessions are now offered online/virtually, reducing your need to travel.

Note that while many CST’s fly into metro Detroit to deliver a class, and then leave, we live here and support the local Agile community.  We continue to sponsor regional Agile conferences and meetups. We have successfully run Agile and Certified ScrumMaster and Product Owner courses for multiple teams from globally recognized organizations.

What is Agile Hardware and Agile Manufacturing training?

Imagine using a framework that the fastest-moving software companies use – but in a manufacturing environment, for manufacturing processes.

Team WIKISPEED did – and built a car in 3 months.

Agile manufacturing follows the model of Agile software teams, compressing the entire development cycle into one-week “sprints.” For example, with Agile manufacturing you can iterate the entire car every seven days, meaning that every seven days you can reevaluate each part of the car and reinvent the highest-priority aspects, instead of waiting ten to twenty-four years to upgrade. This process enables a completely different pace of development.

You will learn about Scrum for hardware development in this workshop. The examples used in class are primarily manufacturing examples, and not software development examples.

The course includes topics specific to: injection molding, small and large electronics, aerospace, automotive, petrochemicals, infrastructure, plant design, supplier management and procurement, compliance reviews, test lab management, design team acceleration, production engineering enhancement, and all key deliverables of a high speed, compliant and predictable Agile hardware organization..

From Lean software design we take the concept of using less stuff wherever responsible. This is based on the common-sense mandate to “use less stuff,” which is then defined in a clear, applicable way by the contemporary software team.

From Extreme Programming (XP) we take the practices of pairing and swarming. These practices date back at least as far as the apprentice model but have been carefully defined to replace the need for most types of training and process documentation.

From Agile software development we take the principle of reducing cost to make change—changes in team, materials, machinery, and even goals.

From Scrum software development we take clearly defined team roles and responsibilities, which allows us to spend more time rapidly developing product with no nonworking (management only) roles and only two meetings.

From Test-Driven Development we start with failing tests and then develop solutions. This allows us to quickly identify if current work is not targeted to pass a test or is causing problems elsewhere in the system, which avoids waste.

From Object-Oriented Programming we take Contract-First Development, which enables the modularity of the WIKISPEED car and all of our solutions.

Additional Benefits of taking our Agile Manufacturing course

Participants are eligible for PMI PDUs (Professional Development Units).

You will also be eligible for Scrum Alliance  SEUs, or Scrum Alliance education Units, following completion of our Agile Manufacturing workshop.


The next Agile Hardware and Agile Manufacturing classes will be November 9 and 10.  The regular course fee is $1,895/student, but early enrollment is $1,650/student.

This is a virtual workshop.

Your instructor:

Joe Justice will teach this workshop. Joe created the WIKISPEED eXtreme Manufacturer program and is also a Certified Scrum Trainer.

Joe is a TEDx speaker, guest lecturer at both MIT and Oxford University in England, was featured in Forbes 5 times to date including as owner of a “Company to watch” by Forbes Billionaire Club, cited in more than 6 business paperbacks and hardcovers, was the subject of a Discovery Channel mini-documentary for his work creating the disciplines Extreme Manufacturing and Scrum@Hardware. He has worked with all of the top 3 military and defense contractors, autonomous and smart road technologies, ultra-lightweight structures, guest lectured at UC Berkeley, MIT, on behalf of Carnegie Melon, CU Denver, The University of Washington, spoken at Google, Microsoft, Zynga, Lockheed Martin, HP Labs, The Royal Bank of Canada, Pictet bank, and others.

Want an Agile Manufacturing workshop for your team in Michigan? Or anywhere in the US….

Private classes for groups are available upon request. Call 248-489-0408 for details.

For complete information on Agile Manufacturing Training classes or to request a Scrum hardware class date contact Michigan Technology Services. 248-489-0408

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