Perl Training

Perl Training with Michigan Technology Services

Michigan Technology Services offers beginner, intermediate and advanced instructor led Perl courses. The training can take place at our location in Farmington Hills, 20 miles outside of Detroit, where you will sit in a room with one of our instructors, onsite at your office anywhere throughout the United States, or if you prefer, instructor led live online.

Some of the topics covered in the instructor led introduction to Perl course include:

  • Scalar Data
  • Lists and Arrays
  • Subroutines
  • Input and Output
  • Hashes
  • Regular Expressions
  • Matching with Regular Expressions
  • Processing Text with Regular Expressions
  • More Control Structures
  • Perl Modules
  • File Tests
  • Directory Operations
  • Strings and Sorting
  • Smart Matching and given-when
  • Process Management
  • Some Advanced Perl Techniques

For detailed info on Perl training contact Michigan Technology Services. 248-489-0408

For detailed info on Open Source training or to request a class date contact Michigan Technology Services. 248-489-0408

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