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Virtual Agile Meetups with Joe Justice and Michigan Technology Services

Michigan Technology Services offers instructor-led Agile and Scrum training and coaching. We collaborate with stellar people – like Joe Justice, a globally recognized Agile trainer and coach. Our training takes place at our location in the Farmington Hills/Novi area, 20 miles outside of Detroit, or at your location anywhere around the world. Our Agile workshops and Agile coaching sessions can also be offered virtually, reducing your need to travel.

While many trainers fly into metro Detroit to deliver Scrum and Agile classes at a hotel, and then leave, we live here and support the local Agile community. We continue to sponsor regional Agile conferences and meetups. We have successfully run Agile and Certified ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Agile Leadership courses for multiple teams from globally recognized organizations. We also provide Agile coaching for great companies, helping them with their Agile journey.

We are planning a series of free virtual meetups for our Agile friends.

Meetup with Joe Justice – April 30, 2020

Learn how Agilists drive the manufacturing response to COVID-19

No one wants to report the news that “My Amazon delivery gave me COVID.”

In countries where government austerity measures and lockdowns began weeks before lockdowns began in the USA, we are already seeing mandatory government quarantines of entire fulfillment center employees. Why? Because the companies could not prove containment when one employee started exhibiting COVID like symptoms.

The currently accepted solution seems to be what McKinsey is calling a “network of teams”, with what Agile coaches are calling “documented isolated shifts”, and then using what process experts call “highly available systems architecture”. The result, when an employee gets the flu, has a severe allergic attack, or otherwise demonstrates COVID like symptoms and is quarantined awaiting two rounds of testing for surety, is that only their immediate isolated shift team of 4 people must also be quarantined and the rest of the fulfillment center can continue operations.

Joe is not only a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer, but arguably the world’s foremost expert on Scrum for hardware and manufacturing. He has coached Agile teams at some of the most well-known auto, pharmaceutical, AI and autonomous and smart road technology companies. He has stated “What I am finding most inspiring is what Agilists have worked deeply to learn is part of the key to keeping physical manufacturing open, and safe, even when a team member contracts COVID. #ComplexAdaptiveSystems #HighlyAvailableSystems

We will end with Joe answering some of your questions. We expect some great conversations.

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Thursday April 30 starting at 5:00PM EST.

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